Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living Group Homes

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Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living Group Homes

When it comes to different types of care for seniors, clients often have a ton of questions, but find answers difficult to come by. At Stephanie’s Senior Services, we understand the stress that family members feel due to the lack of information. To ensure you have all your doubts cleared, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about assisted living group homes.

1. I’m not sure if I want to put my loved one in a group home. Will they get the assistance they need?

Assisted Living Group Homes are an excellent solution for meeting your loved ones’ needs. Group homes are limited to ten residents or less with at least one to two caregivers on duty. The ratio of caregivers to residents allows for greater care to be given to each individual resident.

2. What kind of guidelines and regulation do group homes have to follow?

All assisted living group homes have to follow state guidelines. The state does routine inspections in regards to resident care, paperwork, cleanliness, and safety.

3. What kind of activities will a group home provide for my loved one?

Group homes provide many activities for their residents. These activities include crafts, puzzles, games, live music, exercise, pets, etc.

If family members inquire about activities, the group home is required by the state to list those daily activities in plain sight.

4. What is the cost of an assisted living group home?

The cost of an assisted living group home is substantially less expensive than an assisted living community. Group homes cost anywhere from $60 and up per day, with an average cost of $100 per day. This price includes twenty-four-hour care, all activities of daily living, medication management, three meals per day plus snacks, laundry, house cleaning, etc.

When looking into an assisted living community, the cost usually starts at $3200 and additional costs are added on according to your loved one’s needs. Both group homes and communities are excellent places for quality care for your loved ones, its all about preference and cost.

If you have any more questions about assisted living group homes or care for seniors, get in touch with the experts at Stephanie’s Senior Services. We provide placement and various senior care services with the goal of eliminating the stress, time and money spent searching for the perfect home for your loved one. We try our best to ensure that your loved one is always placed in a caring and loving environment. To learn more about how we can help you, please click here or contact us by clicking here.